Testimonials from past sessions

A session with Ayamahu is an opportunity to experience a wholly unique offering. While I make no promises as to what your experience may entail, below is a snapshot of individuals who share their thoughts from past sessions:

“It’s like Minhaz goes into my mind and hears and sees everything I’ve been worrying about. Everything thats been swarming around in there is reflected back to me. The questions I’ve been asking myself silently get addressed and answered. I’m given new perspectives around emotions and situations I’m working through. After my sessions with Minhaz, I feel more grounded, confident and connected with my higher self.”

Ariel, Vermont, USA

“I am writing to highly recommend receiving healing with Minhaz. Do it! His healing sessions are the most unique, powerful, and beautiful healings I have ever experienced. There is nothing to compare these sessions to on our planet. I am a body and energy work practitioner and can have high expectations when receiving healing. What I received is not possible to put into words. It must be experienced.  I did receive powerful healing in body, mind, and energy. I am still feeling the positive benefits some time later and feel that some permanent changes have been made including mental clarity and understanding of some life issues. I told Minhaz that I would travel far and wide to receive his healing. He is very trustworthy and is a true and special healer. Very, very special. I look forward to more sessions in the future either in person or possibly distance healings. If you are reading this, this healing is for you. With gratitude”

Melissa, Pennsylvania, USA

“I met Minhaz back in 2020 while on a retreat to Peru. I had no idea what energy work was all about but I was open and willing to explore the unknown. What an experience this turned out to be! I was left in awe at the end of my session. Minhaz had a way of making me feel totally at ease and safe, I was able to let go and be totally present to receive whatever was meant to come thru. I received insights in areas of my life I had been struggling with for years. I was able to release that which was not serving me and progress on my healing journey. Back in Germany, I have reached out to Minhaz who has helped me while I was going thru dark moments of loss in my life. I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to work and continue to have working with him virtually. Thank you for offering your gifts to humanity. Much love”

Primrose, Wiesbaden, Germany

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