Reflections from those who have experienced my work.

For those that feel resonance, working with me is an opportunity to experience an incredibly powerful and wholly unique offering. While I can make no promises as to what your experience may entail, below is a snapshot of individuals who share their reflections from past sessions:

“Minhaz is a spiritual being who reminds us that we too are spiritual beings, while also helping us have fuller human experiences.
The work he does is multifaceted, multidisciplinary, and multidimensional — and ultimately challenging to fully put into words. He is a healing partner, a humble energy worker, and a compassionate vehicle for the divine to express itself in form. What a blessing it is to work with Minhaz!
His gifts have helped me move energy and more deeply connect with my own gifts. The fruits of his channeling have spanned the practical to the otherworldly, the physical to the ethereal, all the while informed by a deep commitment to authenticity and care.
Minhaz is deeply aware of the sacred nature of his work, and yet he works with a sense of humor, joy, and lightness — all of which have facilitated comfort for me traversing unfamiliar territory. I am so grateful for the work that we have done together so far, and excited about our opportunities to further explore the mystery together.”

Jeff G, Texas, USA

“I met Minhaz in the jungle of Peru where I was lucky enough to experience his rare gifts in a one-on-one session. Minhaz is humble and empathetic and able to connect quickly with others on a deeper level, recognising their unique struggles and blockages. Minhaz has developed his distinct healing approach over time and applies his skills with great sensitivity, integrity, and thoughtfulness. Like anything based on intuition, his work is challenging to define with language, and the attempt risks diminishing the magic of it – a session must be experienced first-hand. I have worked with different plant medicines and healing modalities over the years and found a single session with Minhaz to be absolutely enlightening – it struck right to the heart of my deeper issues. Minhaz was incredibly insightful, supportive and above all, compassionate. If you have the opportunity to work with him, I would grab it with both hands.“

Sophie M, London, UK

“There really aren’t words to describe the deep releasing, balancing, and healing that occurred in my plant session with Minhaz. What a journey it was. He was present with me in multiple ways: supporting me by channeling messages from spirit and loving entities, channeling songs, proving energy work and therapeutic touch, and reflecting back to me when I was resisting so I could receive the highest benefits. There were a few moments when I would be moving through something difficult, and through his tapping in just the right spot, I was able to purge up and out of me what needed to be released. When I was moving through memories of childhood sexual abuse, I experienced parts of me that have gone to sleep wake up and be witnessed, held, and loved by Minhaz. This was such an important experience. To have wounded parts, that were caused by a man, to be held by a loving and balanced masculine energy.  This session has been an integral component of me coming back into loving connection and trust with the masculine energies within me and around me. I have more deeply reclaimed my voice and my power. Forever grateful to Minhaz and the incredibly sacred space he holds.”

Ariel S, USA

“The multiple energy sessions I have received from Minhaz have been deeply profound and healing. He holds a very safe, loving space which allows you to easily open up and work on your deepest traumas and grief. Through his energy work I was able to release and integrate a lot of unprocessed emotions, and instantly felt MUCH lighter and open hearted after our session. I could tell that his intuitive channeling is coming from a deeply loving and light place, which makes the experience even more powerful. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for profound healing and emotional release, whether you are doing womb work or healing your heart, he is the right person to hold you. Thank you so much Minhaz, deeply appreciate you and always in my heart.”

Catalina M, Chile

“Hello Minhaz, I hope you are doing well. Thank you so much for following up with me. I have been doing very well since our last meeting. I am more at peace with myself and allowing myself to sit with feelings that are not comfortable to my liking. I am ok with feeling uncertain and unfulfilled through work. I am ok with needing distance from my mother. And I am very blessed everyday to establish a better relationship with my sons. Again, thank you so much for your recording. I have been replaying and it really helped me process. The session was very helpful and enlightening. I really appreciate you.”

Lien C, USA

“Minhaz introduced me in a multi dimensional journey, where I could remember all that I am and dive deep into healing surrounded by unconditional love.
Minhaz created a safe space where all the patterns of my mind revealed, I could deeply reconnect with my heart space where I felt how the trauma layers vanished, energy shifted to an elevated state and I saw everything from the higher self perspective.”

Maria C, Romania

“Minhaz is the real deal. I’ve worked with many modalities and wasn’t sure what to expect during my time with him, and was absolutely blown away. He is the definition of living in his gifts. I felt so safe energetically and physically, and had a very profound experience with him. As a female, I’m always sensitive about working with men, and can’t emphasize enough how safe and held I felt. He is a bridge between worlds and what he uncovered in his channeling with me has had a beautiful positive impact in my life.”

Alex S, Texas, USA

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Minhaz on an amazing energy work session. I found the work that Minhaz did to be very powerful, moving and grounding. Minhaz’s unique skills and talents are something that I have never encountered before. His intuition about me, my body and my needs were spot on. He was able to provide me insight and wisdom about different areas in my life (both past and present) that were blocking my energy and causing me undue pain. Through his practice, Minhaz has allowed me to take a deeper look at myself and my heart, and he has allowed me to open up in ways that I never thought were possible before. I am feeling renewed! I would highly recommend Minhaz to anyone.“

Adam W, Washington, USA

“What a gift to work with Minhaz. I feel so seen, heard and validated. Its like Minhaz goes into my mind and hears and sees everything I’ve been worrying about. Everything thats been swarming around in their is reflected back to me. The questions I’ve been asking myself silently get addressed and answered. I’m given new perspectives around emotions and situations I’m working through. After my sessions with Minhaz, I feel more grounded, confident and connected with my higher self. Energetically, I feel lighter, freer, and more in tune with my intuition.”

Ariel S, Vermont, USA

“I am writing to highly recommend receiving healing with Minhaz. Do it! His healing sessions are the most unique, powerful, and beautiful healings I have ever experienced. There is nothing to compare these sessions to on our planet. I am a body and energy work practitioner and can have high expectations when receiving healing. What I received is not possible to put into words. It must be experienced.  I did receive powerful healing in body, mind, and energy. I am still feeling the positive benefits some time later and feel that some permanent changes have been made including mental clarity and understanding of some life issues. I told Minhaz that I would travel far and wide to receive his healing. He is very trustworthy and is a true and special healer. Very, very special. I look forward to more sessions in the future either in person or possibly distance healings. If you are reading this, this healing is for you. With gratitude”

Melissa K, Pennsylvania, USA

“My healing session with Minhaz was amazingly powerful and profound. He’s a gifted channeller who uses intuition and connection to higher powers to establish a deep connection to the individual in order to carry out the necessary healing work. I’ve come out of my session with Minhaz feeling a deeper knowing about myself and my journey on earth. Knowing him personally, he’s a caring compassionate individual who loves and enjoys his work and service for others. I highly recommend this experience and journey with Minhaz.”

Saeed M, Toronto, Canada

“I met Minhaz back in 2020 while on a retreat to Peru. I had no idea what energy work was all about but I was open and willing to explore the unknown. What an experience this turned out to be! I was left in awe at the end of my session. Minhaz had a way of making me feel totally at ease and safe, I was able to let go and be totally present to receive whatever was meant to come thru. I received insights in areas of my life I had been struggling with for years. I was able to release that which was not serving me and progress on my healing journey. Back in Germany, I have reached out to Minhaz who has helped me while I was going thru dark moments of loss in my life. I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to work and continue to have working with him virtually. Thank you for offering your gifts to humanity. Much love”

Primrose, Wiesbaden, Germany

“Prior to my session with Minhaz I was struggling with fear and uncertainty before the next ceremony. The blockages were manifesting in my physical body as well as emotional. During the session, Minhaz created and held such a deeply safe and supportive space I was able to relax and fully surrender. I could physically feel my energetic body releasing and receiving. It was such a sacred offering and the wisdom still resonates and guides me in my daily life now.“

Chelsea M, Marrakech, Morocco

“I had the pleasure of experiencing an energy work session with Minhaz while attending an ayahuasca retreat at Nimea Kaya. Minhaz was very present and attentive throughout our session, and incorporates various modalities into the work including singing, channeling, shamanic work, and some touch work as well to remove energetic blockages. I found Minhaz to be an incredible channel and really loved the insights that he shared with me during our session. One of the shifts that I experienced after our session was feeling far more open to connecting with other people. Minhaz is a gifted channeler and energy worker and I really recommend going into a session with an open mind and allowing yourself to receive the gifts he has to offer :)”

Sophie L, Colorado, USA

“I felt in very safe hands during the session with Minhaz and comfortable to express what arises thanks to his calming, gentle nature and respectful ways of communication. He’s blessed with a unique gift, which I feel grateful to have had experienced and I highly recommend his work for anyone in search of personal growth and healing.”

Sophie M, Switzerland

“I traveled to Peru to an ayahuasca retreat in search of spiritual healing for my severe depression. I had very deep spiritual wounds. I had two healing sessions with Minhaz during my retreat. The healing sessions were so profound for me. I felt him channeling healing energies, that were very specific to my spiritual needs, all without me even saying a word to him beforehand. I had revelations and experienced spiritual healing during his sessions that were an integral part of my healing journey. Minhaz possesses  a gift of being able to channel these energies that know just what you need. Minhaz is also a gift himself. He is such a beautiful soul, dedicated to the healing of others. I am ecstatic he is able to offer these healing sessions to those not able to travel to him. What a wonderful opportunity to be able to experience some of this spiritual healing from far away. I am excited for myself to be able to continue my healing journey with Minhaz and plan to book more sessions with him! Much love to Minhaz and to you!”

Trista R, Texas, USA

“This was the first time that I had requested and received energy work through channeling. One of the facilitators at the Nimea Kaya retreat, Minhajuddin, offered it to help individuals to have a better experience during the medicinal ceremonies. I allowed myself to be at ease and felt safe to open up to Minhaz. He was able to identify blockages and feelings that I was still holding on to do in side. He was able to identify that I had a lot of sadness from my childhood up bringing such as feelings of neglect from and resentment towards my parents. He also recognized a lot of guilt and shame that I was holding on to from my failed marriage and poor ability as a parent towards my children. He could not take away these feelings, however he was able to provide me a space to let my emotions run their course, mainly through tears of grief and regret. This gave me a moment of reprieve. His words also ease my mind, even if for a little, and they were true for anyone. “Everyone deserves forgiveness.” His presence, patience, listening ear, and skill helped me, and I thank him for it. Much love and respect for this brother working to light up the world.“

Michael N, California, USA

“I had the privilege of being guided through a profound energy work experience with Minhaz in June of 2021 at an Ayahuasca retreat center. He took special care to explain what sounds and movements I might experience and to ensure that I felt safe, which was absolutely integral to my going deep within myself and connecting with high levels of consciousness. Whether you’re a curious explorer, an open skeptic or a seeker you will benefit from a session with Minhaz.”

Matthew, Puerto Rico, USA

“It’s hard to accurately express what the experience of working with Minhaz is like. I was sung to by angels and received words of wisdom. Deeply imbedded emotions made there way to the surface and the experience created lightness, relaxation and introspection. If you have the opportunity, I would highly recommend working with Minhaz.”

Amir N, London, UK

“I met Minhaz while traveling in Peru for a retreat and multi-day ayahuasca ceremony. I immediately felt his kind and very powerful energy. I was fortunate enough to have two sessions with him. 
For the first: Although I felt nervous to begin, Minhaz easily guided me into a state of relaxation with a grounding meditation. He gently placed his hands on various points on my body; as well as hovering above and below my body. I believe he may have chanted or whispered to me during the session but I was so relaxed, it’s difficult to remember exactly. At one point I felt almost a drawing out of energy and apparitions (things which were no longer my burden to bear) through the soles of my feet. 
During the second session: I will emphasize again Minhaz’s kind and powerful energy. For the second session, Minhaz had created a very soothing and calm alter space with remains with me today as a visual gift. He also spoke out loud a beautiful sentence which reminded me of my own strength, light, and purpose. It felt so good to hear, like being tucked in with the tenderness of a doting parent. 
I write all of this as a testimonial to the medicine which I received from Minhaz’s energy work. He is a gentle, thoughtful, and empowering healer. If you are wondering if this kind of work is for you, I urge you to see for yourself the profundity of his energy work.“

Vinita, California, USA

“I had an Energy Healing Session with Minhajuddin for a little more than an hour on day 4 of my Ayahuasca journey. I didn’t know what to expect going into the session but I left with MANY powerful wisdoms and messages. I can’t put into words how I felt but it was beyond AMAZING! I strongly recommend Minhajuddin to any one who lucky enough to cross his path.”

Andy D, California, USA

“Minhaz is easily the most powerful channeler and intuitive human I have ever met. I felt so safe and cared for throughout the entire process and was able to fully let go to experience profound energetic healing.
Although the ceremony was powerful, the magic began to unfold in my life after. I was revealed alternative solutions to heal deep blocks I didn’t even know existed and guidance on putting the tools to practice. It was amazing!
Working with Minhaz felt like connecting to my higher self – I’m so excited to keep working with him and seeing the magic show up in my life!”

Libby H, Pennsylvania, USA

“I’ve had 3 sessions with Minhaz now and every session has been super helpful to me. I met Minhaz at a ayahuasca retreat where he was a facilitator and I had my first session in between ceremonies. I was in awe at the things he channeled and the information I’ve received then, but also the remote sessions I’ve had afterwards. I definitely feel that it has helped me with some needed energy work, but also the information I received through him has helped me on my path. Minhaz has a very calming personality and is easy to talk to. He is also very accommodating and helpful. I would definitely recommend him if anyone asked me about a channeler/ energy healer.”

Tiffany S, South Africa

“Minhajuddin is a gift. I’ve never done energetic channeling and know very little about energy in general, but I was excited to explore this and felt open to learning about the possibilities. Minhajuddin made me feel safe, heard, and honored in whatever I brought to our sessions and went above and beyond to make sure he gave me everything he could to support my personal journey. Several times in our first session I could actually feel energy shoot through my body, and I noticed immediately upon closing our session that he helped clear the way for emotions I was holding on to that stopped serving me long ago. 
Also worth mentioning I was someone who had trouble connecting to my dreams for over a decade (I likely recalled 5 dreams over the course of that time no matter the effort!). The very same night I had my first session with Minhaz, I just happened to recall multiple dreams. And the next night, and the next… and I’m still recalling them weeks later. 
I may not understand how it all works, but Minhaz clearly has a gift of intuition and wisdom that can clear the way for personal growth and healing. I highly recommend you see for yourself!”

Adena T, New York, USA

“I had the chance to try Minhaz’s Energy healing in October and it was amazing. During the session I got a lot of messages and few days later it was all in alignment. Minhaz’s gift has helped me through energetic healing to know more about myself on a much deeper level. I would love to have a session again anytime :)”

Kristen D, California, USA

“Thank you Minhaz for sharing your gift of energy healing with me! I have noticed significant changes in my physical and energetic body since our plant assisted session. This experience was really profound, comparable to an ayahuasca ceremony, and I can only described as energetic surgery. In this very personalized and hands on treatment, Minhaz was able to connect and read my body intuitively, helping me release trapped emotions and energies all over my body from my feet all the way to my jaw. Some of the most obvious changes were on a physical level. For instance, I had acne. During the session Minhaz did a hormonal rebalancing and my skin has been more clear since! I also experienced change at an emotional level, I had an anxious skin picking habit which has reduced significantly. Minhaz also worked on my shoulder where I had been experiencing deep pain for months. I had been doing some rehab exercises on my own and was noticing really slow progress. But when Minhaz did massage and energy work the improvement was drastic! The pain is now very light and almost non existent! Minhaz is not only a powerful energy healer and committed professional, he’s also a kind and genuine person. I hope I get to work with him again the future!”

Mariana H, El Salvador

“I will start by saying that I have never done any type of energy healing or energy work of any kind. Decided to go in with an open mind and an open heart and see what happened. The process was a bit odd or at least unconventional in my eyes but over the course of the next 45 minutes to an hour it all made sense. Minhaz’s ability to channel energy and bring it into a one on one setting was mindbending. Without telling him any of my background he was able to determine that I had experienced a lot of violence with my right arm as well as feeling in my stomach that my father was not around enough when I was a child. He also made the comment that the child like innocence inside of me had been suppressed through adulthood, paying bills and all the things that are really not that fun. I cannot recommend him and his techniques any more highly and encourage anyone interested in energy healing to give Minhaz a shot. To top it off I was able to have my most powerful Ayahuasca session following the energy session which brought a great deal of gratitude and memories about my childhood that were super special to me. Thanks Minhaz and keep up the great work :)”

Alex F, Colorado, USA

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