Remote Energy Healing Session

Remote Energy Healing Session

Experience powerful vibrational healing energies & channeled transmissions designed to profoundly support you in letting go of what no longer serves.

Experience powerful vibrational frequencies that clear, balance, and realign your entire being on a core energetic level.

A Channelled Energy Healing Session is an opportunity to be held in a unique multi-dimensional container as you receive powerful healing energies and transmissions from Spirit. During this working, I will invite a deep surrendering to Source as we journey within and explore what is present, offering a vibration that compels a profound recalibration, clearing of energetic resistance, and deeper realignment with your inner natural truth.

This work culminates many years of training and unlearning through deep shamanic practises. During this working I will move into an altered state, connecting with your Higher Self, Body Consciousness, and Multi-Dimensional Guidance, in order to bring through what you need, acting as a conduit to channel and ground non-physical healing energies, harmonising frequencies, and deeper insights to you.

Each working is entirely personal and automatically tailored for your unique being, with no two sessions ever being the same. It is a ceremony, an opportunity to delve deep into yourself, and to celebrate your true vibrational nature and innate capacity to heal, at exactly wherever you are at in your unique journey.

I channel unique Healing Frequencies that compel a profound recalibration within your energetic system to your natural Authentic structure & Core, resulting in deeper clarity & insight, energetic re-alignment, and resolution of challenges on many levels.

Heal the Relationship with the Masculine & Feminine within and invite a deeper more profound alignment with Other.

This service can be deeply beneficial in the resolution of challenges related to intimate relationships, whereby we tend to the deeper wound or imbalance within that is mirrored externally. In these sessions, we explore the reasons for undesirable outer world projections through journeying within, inviting a deep recognition of the underlying chosen reasons for the experience.

With your permission, I will tune in to your being and share the stories it wishes to tell. This may include an awareness of limiting beliefs & fears, painful past experiences, hidden inner resistance, and more. Together we can explore and release the emotional wounds held in the body, which has served to hold onto the memory of trauma, until such a time where the experience could be seen, felt, and fully processed.

The work takes place on many levels, honouring our multi-dimensional nature, and the interconnectedness of the body to our thoughts, emotions & choices. As we allow the unlearning of resistance to the love and wisdom inherent in all experience, so may we promote a true resolution that results in a profound relationship, and opening of a deeper connection, to the Self, and in turn the world.

“Several times in our first session I could actually feel energy shoot through my body, and I noticed immediately upon closing our session that he helped clear the way for emotions I was holding on to…”
Adena T, USA

“I have worked with different plant medicines and healing modalities over the years and found a single session with Minhaz to be absolutely enlightening – it struck right to the heart of my deeper issues.”
Sophie M, UK

“His healing sessions are the most unique, powerful, and beautiful healings I have ever experienced… What I received is not possible to put into words. It must be experienced.”
Melissa K, USA

“He is the definition of living in his gifts. I felt so safe energetically and physically, and had a very profound experience with him. As a female, I can’t emphasize enough how safe and held I felt.”
Alex S, USA

“The healing sessions were so profound for me. I felt him channeling healing energies, that were very specific to my spiritual needs, all without me even saying a word to him beforehand.”
Trista R, USA

“I’ve had 3 sessions with Minhaz now and every session has been super helpful to me. I was in awe at the things he channeled and the information I’ve received then, but also the remote sessions afterwards”
Tiffany S, Netherlands

Receive Multi-Dimensional Healing, Activations, and Insights, from the Source Within.

From a recognition of Oneness, I will act as a mirror to your Soul as I bring through a variety of multi-dimensional energies, entities, and personalities in our time together. These intelligences commune with your Higher Self and together deliver exactly what you need, reading and transmitting frequencies uniquely keyed to your vibrational needs. Generally speaking, there is almost an infinite spectrum of themes that may be explored. 

On a practical level, this may include: insights into current challenges & themes, guidance on moving forward in life, neurological reprogramming of limiting beliefs, clearing of emotional trauma, healing of bodily dis-ease, increased capacity to receive higher frequencies & energies, a deeper innate experiential connection to Source, and much more. My motto is to expect everything, yet insist on nothing, inviting a deep surrendering to your inner being and what it knows you truly need.

I work on that which most directly hinders you from moving forward in this moment, and to be your mirror in reflecting what you need. I am here to remind you of your inner truth, and to help you discover the reasons for your experience. So that you may no longer be a victim to them, but instead be liberated into your deeper purpose through a deeper understanding of why it was chosen by you.

It is a journey of trust, of letting go & allowing, and a deeply sacred and intimate space that I am honoured to hold.

What I do is not learned, but came through a journey of unlearning

I offer heart-centered guidance, from a place beyond the mind

I mirror to you that which wishes to be seen

I bring into awareness that which desires to be felt

I bridge dimensions between the Seen & Unseen

I invite a deep surrendering to the mystery of your being

And to the wisdom inherent within your experience

Is this for me?

Whether you desire deep healing, clarity, or are simply curious, anyone can benefit from a session. My work focusses on addressing the underlying core energy patterns of any given theme, conscious or otherwise, enabling profound shifts that translate to the Spiritual, Mental, Emotional & Physical levels.

Deep Emotional Trauma Release

Energetically processing and subsequent shifting of embedded stored trauma patterns.

Energetic Clearing & Rebalancing

Vibrational recalibration of the body’s Energy Centers, Auric Fields & Energy Channels.

Channeled Counsel & Guidance

Body & Spirit centered Guidance, Reflection & Messages, shared from a place beyond the mind.

Womb & Sexual Trauma Healing

Clearing blockages preventing pregnancy & re-allowing healthier alignments with the Masculine.

Plant Medicine Integration

Integration support & vibrational reinforcement of energetic shifts introduced through plant medicine.

Personal Activations & Upgrades

Activations & enhancements of abilities through personalised audio & energy transmissions.

“I have worked with different plant medicines and healing modalities over the years and found a single session with Minhaz to be absolutely enlightening – it struck right to the heart of my deeper issues.”
Sophie M, UK

I have three core offerings. My standard healing session, and two unique programs designed to promote inner balancing and deep transformative healing:

(Need more information? See frequently asked questions).

1. Single Healing Session.

My standard healing session offering. You may transition to the Transformational Healing Protocol afterwards*

I recommend starting with this service if you wish to work with me but are unsure as to how many sessions you require.

* If you decide to continue your healing journey on the transformational protocol, just pay the difference.

Full Energy Healing Session (Live)

A single powerful multi-dimensional working tailored to your unique being, designed to facilitate deep healing & clarity. This is my standard offering and suitable for exploration of any particular theme. Sessions are 90 mins and take place live over Zoom with a discount on daily energy transmissions to promote deeper integration & processing. Learn more here.

- Single Live Energy Healing Session (90 mins)
- Session Recording
- 10% off Daily Energy Transmissions Service

$180. Payable in full.

2. General Balancing Protocol.

A general energy maintenance program for when specific deep energetic work is not required.

A powerful energy tune up & recalibration without the need for deep healing work on specific themes. Particularly useful for practitioners working energetically.

Energy Balancing Protocol (Remote)

A general yet wholly personal energy maintenance protocol designed to promote clearing, rejuvenation, and deeper balancing on multiple levels of your being. This program combines weekly balancing sessions with daily energy transmissions in-between (group container). This is a 1 month protocol and is performed entirely remote & offline for your convenience (Except initial discovery session via Zoom).

- Initial Discovery Session (30 min)
- 3 Remote Energy Balancing Sessions, performed weekly
- Daily Energy transmissions before and between each session (Total 1 Month)
- Weekly Email Check in

$400 (Save $60). Payable in full.

3. Deep Healing Protocol.

A truly powerful healing program. Choose this if you wish to work with me for deep inner transformation.

Designed to facilitate deep energetic shifts and healing on multiple levels. Combines multiple services to allow the body to fully energetically process and move through specific themes.

Transformational Healing Protocol (Live & Remote)

A fully comprehensive program designed to facilitate treatment of any specific theme(s). This includes weekly healing sessions & daily energy transmissions to vibrationally reinforce processing of deep energetic shifts (dedicated group container), finishing with a balancing session to support integration. This work can be intensive and is Intended to be a monthly protocol but can be extended as a standalone program upto 3 months if appropriate.

- 3 Live Energy Healing Sessions, performed weekly via Zoom
- Daily Energy transmissions between each session (Total 1 Month)
- 1 Remote Energy Balancing Session
- 1 Channeled Audio Transmission, provided upon protocol completion
- Follow up Integration call by Zoom (45 min)
- Integration Support by Email

$800 (Save $150).
Payable in full or 2 installments of $400.

Supplementary remote offerings outside of my core work. This is available to anyone:

4. Single Balancing Session.

For anyone that would like a general clearing, rebalancing & energetic tune up, without needing to delve deep.

I recommend taking this periodically if you do not require deep healing work but would like an energetic 'check in'.

You may transition to the Balancing Protocol following a session, just pay the difference.

General Energy Balancing Session (Remote)

A general yet wholly personal clearing, balancing, and energetic tune up. Relax in the comfort of your home as I transmit powerful energies designed to deeply relax, clear, realign, and nourish your being on multiple levels. Sessions are 50 mins and performed remotely offline for your convenience.

(See also: Daily energy transmissions)

- Single Remote Balancing Session (50 mins)
- Follow up Summary via Email

$100. Payable in full.

5. Channeled Transmission.

A vibratory transmission of sounds, tones & messages uniquely encoded to you.

In this working I will transmit live to you and record what is relayed by Spirit. Listen to the audio anytime and receive energy specific to what you need in that moment.

Intended for personal & private use only. Refer to the FAQ for additional information.

Channeled Audio Transmission (Remote)

A unique powerful transmission of channeled energy language designed to relay healing frequencies & information specific to you and on demand. Audio can be played anytime; what is received depends on what is needed in that moment. Typical audio length 15-20 mins. For personal & private use only.

(See also: Channeled visual transmissions)

- Energy Transmission performed remotely (15-20 mins)
- Audio file containing Channeled Energy Transmission

$70. Payable in full.

Still Unsure? Contact me or book a free Clarity Call now.

I deeply value and honour your trust, investment of time, financial resources and otherwise, you may commit as you consider this journey with me. If you feel a pull, but require more clarity,  send me a message, or if you prefer, schedule a call.

What next?

Additional offerings to support your process

Receiving Energy Healing is a powerful way to support you on your healing journey. See my additional offerings designed to compliment your work with me:

Channeled Transmissions Library

Access my Youtube channel for additional Energy transmissions and channeled insights.

 Supportive Daily Energy Transmissions

Receive a daily transmission of powerful medicinal energies designed to support your unique process.

Personalised Visual Energy Transmissions

Powerful visual transmissions custom channeled and encoded to your unique signature frequency.

Additional Information:

Common questions and additional details about my offerings.

Still unsure or have further questions? Send me a message, or if you prefer, schedule a free discovery call.

What can I expect during a healing session?

(This information applies to the full energy healing session offering).

A session lasts 90 minutes, with ~60 minutes intended for the working itself, surrendering to the natural flow of the energetic space, with remaining time dedicated to pre and post working conversation & connection. If you are working with me for the first time, we will take an additional 15 minutes for introductions, how the session will work, as well as addressing any logistical questions or concerns you may have. This also serves for your being to become more comfortable as we become acquainted energetically, prior to delving into deep inner work.

(Please note: It is my desire that these spaces are relaxed and comfortable; My style of working is not to watch the clock or count minutes, trusting the timing and natural flow to orchestrate the session as needed. This may occasionally mean we go over on time allocated and there is no problem for this, however I ask that we try to respect and honour the time we commit to working with each other as much as possible. If it is apparant during the session that we will go significantly over on time (typically >15 mins), I will share, and if you would like to continue or extend our session, please do request this. I ask an exchange of $50 per additional 30 mins).

Once the working starts, I will invite you to relax while I connect with the Energies that need to come through. This may include a short guided meditation to place you into a more receptive space. Having a comfortable space set where you can be open and vulnerable is essential. This is your time to go within and allow what needs to arise to do so.

Each working is unique and automatically tailored to the individuals unique energetic configuration and themes being explored. You may feel distinct physical sensations, unordinary thought processes, repressed emotions arising, and much more. I keep this vague so not to filter or implant ideas of your experience. I only ask that you expect the unexpected, to know that all is perfect, and that you are receiving exactly what you need (which may not necessarily be what you want!).

A session may leave you feeling somewhat tired and drained. We will use post-discussion time as an opportunity to integrate your experience, as well as noting any impressions I received during the working. I advise scheduling a period of rest and integration prior to continuing the rest of your day. 

A recording of the session will be provided within 48 hours following completion by email.

What healing modality do you use?

The style in which I facilitate my sessions is distinctly unique and does not follow any learned methodology or technique that is taught.

While I have done by best to convey what I offer, words fall short in describing my specific and deeply personal process of connecting and sharing what comes through in these sacred multi-dimensional healing spaces. Attempts have been made to describe what this is, and will always fall short when translated through the vehicle of the physical mind and it's limitations.

There are no labels or names, and is something that I can only share as an experience, should you feel called to work with me.

Can you heal me?

It is a misconception that we have the power to impose true healing on another, as that is only for each sovereign individual to give to themselves. Your energy is entirely your own and there is no one that can change or modify another person's energy.

A choice is however offered by vibration, whether conscious or otherwise, through which a healing may occur; by aligning yourself to a frequency that is more in alignment with your original (authentic) nature. This process of alignment will automatically bring to the surface that which is no longer of resonance to you, facilitating the idea of healing as any distortions are processed.

I believe that you do not need to be fixed of anything and that all that is being experienced is entirely perfect in it's very existence in your reality. There are no accidents in that sense, and there is a reason for all that is presented, with powerful wisdom and learning to be gleaned.

I work on that which most directly hinders you from moving forward in this moment, and to be your mirror in reflecting what you need. I am here to remind you of your inner truth, and to assist in reflecting to you the self-correction tools you have at your own innate disposal. To discover the reasons for your experience. and to no longer be victim to them.

These offerings are intended to be a unique and powerful permission slip to your inner growth and healing. It is not a crutch, and ultimately serves as a useful, but temporary, aid to facilitate a deeper connection to yourself where all is truly contained. If you feel a pull and are excited about what I offer however, this may be a sign that there is resonance from your being and that this work could profoundly assist you.

I want to offer the best possible service to you, and can only do so when you take full responsibility and ownership of your healing through the supporting inner work needed. If you are looking for a quick fix, without the acompanying personal work, than this is not for you.

If you feel a pull to work with me but aren't sure if I can help, please book a discovery call and let's talk.

Can I share session recordings & transmissions publicly?

The content of the sessions recordings & transmissions, and details shared therein, are intended to be for your private & personal use only. You may share with friends & family in person, however I ask that you not distribute or post contents of sessions publically, whether on content sharing platforms, social media, or otherwise.

Please do not include the entirety, or any portion, of the transmissions in the distribution of content in public offerings (such as music or video), whether commercial or otherwise.

I offer flexibility to this policy for invitations that are aligned. If you do feel a desire and pull to share, please reach out for permission and I will consider your request.

I am open to collaborations. If you are wanting to include my work in a commercial or public project offering, please send me a message. I would be excited to consider your proposal!

I deeply appreciate your trust and respect in advance for the terms I feel are aligned for me and the work that I offer.

Do you offer custom packages?

I certainly do and am excited to work with you to create a custom protocol specific for your needs. Please send me a message or book a discovery call and let's discuss.

Can I book this service for my child?

I welcome booking this service to support your child through their own personal development and process, which can be a powerful gift and aid in their journey if aligned. Due to the nature of how this work is conducted, I only allow this for the General Balancing Protocol & General Balancing Session services, which are fully remote.

In order to proceed, please send me a message first including their full name, current location, date of birth and summary for the reason of the work. I will require your permission, and this information will allow me to tune into their Higher Self for permission to do this work. I require permission by both, in order to proceed.

If all is aligned, I will invite you to a discovery session or to continue booking, depending on the service requested.

Can I gift this service to another?

Yes! It is beautiful opportunity to gift this service to another. I only ask that permission, a welcoming and foreknowledge for my work by the individual in question is recieved.

Please contact me directly to arrange this.

What times do you offer?

My working hours are 8-11am, and 4-7pm. The days I work are Saturday - Sunday, and Tuesday - Thursday. I am currently located in the South East Asia region, so times mentioned are on the WITA timezone.

While I have done my best to be as flexible as I can to accommodate timezones, I understand my current location can create scheduling constraints for those located in and around USA & Europe. Therefore, If you are unable to make any of the times listed but would like to work with me, please get in touch with your availability and I will do my best to accomodate your schedule.

Where are sessions held?

Live sessions are held via Zoom whereas Remote workings are performed entirely offline without face to face virtual interaction.

How do you accept payment?

I accept payment via PayPal & Revolut at this time. The payment information will be provided automatically in the emails sent by Calendly upon booking a session.

I ask that payment is made within 24 hours of booking in order to confirm your time.

If there are any issues or if you require additional information regarding payment, please send me a message.

Do you offer discounts?

Our time, effort and commitment is valuable; I honour my time and the investment both you and I will make in this relationship, so that we can be of Service to each other in the most effective way possible. I align with the idea of fair energy exchange and deeply honour your trust, and financial commitment of resources in this work.

There has been much investment, education & experience that has resulted in what I am able to offer and this reflects the fee asked which I feel is fair in this moment. At the same time, I understand not everyone is able to afford what I am able to offer; if you feel strongly in resonance to working with me, but have present financial constraints, please contact me directly. I do have some limited spaces at various sliding scales each month.

Looking after our Energetic Health is as important as maintaining our basic needs, and so please consider this when making this investment in your Self.

Can I cancel or reschedule?

I understand that life can bring unexpected turns and that a change in plans is inevitable. I therefore am happy to allow for cancellation and rescheduling of bookings with me in a manner that respects our time and scheduling commitments.

If cancelling a booking, I ask that you do so upto 48 hours before for a full refund. If between 48-24 hours, this is reduced to 75%. If less than 24 hours remain, it will be reduced to 50%. Non-attendance at confirmed bookings without any prior notice may result in no refund. I reserve the right to offer flexibility with this policy for genuine exceptions (e.g. emergency situations) at my sole discretion.

You may reschedule freely upto 24 hours prior to the time for bookings in Calendly, however I understand life happens so do get in touch if for any reason you feel you are not able to make our time on the day. I only desire to work with you when you are 100% available and commited for our time together.

In order to cancel or reschedule, refer to the links in the emails sent by Calendly when booking.

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