Daily Energy Healing Transmissions

Daily Energy Healing Transmissions

Accelerate your healing and spiritual development by receiving a daily transmission of powerful energies designed to support your unique process, all while seamlessly fitting into your life.

Receive a powerful dose of medicinal healing energies, transmitted to you on a daily basis.

The Daily Energy Healing Transmissions service is designed to provide remote targeted energy support on a daily basis, enabling enhanced healing, integration and balancing on multiple levels of your being.

As part of this working, I will move into an altered state and connect with you regularly in energetic space, inviting a transmission of specific non physical healing frequencies that are sent to you daily, 5 days a week.

This service works standalone or in potent synergy with channeled healing sessions, plant medicine ceremonies, deep trauma work, and ascension processes to reinforce and accelerate the vibrational shifts taking place. It is designed to compound the inner movements initiated; allowing a deeper anchoring, shifting in energies that are stagnant, and an acceleration in the transmutation of blockages that may be arising to be released.

Gift your body the energetic care it needs as you move through this process of profound realignment.

By receiving this service, you will be placed in a high vibrational container that is reinforced consistently with daily transmissions of energy. This offering is designed to be unobtrusive to you, working on a higher dimensional level and without requiring physical presence or conscious attention, so you can focus on living your daily life while being supported in your personal process.

Experience accelerated physical recovery, and enhanced energetic development during this time of deep shifts.

This service can support in promoting physical healing & optimal health by aiding in the daily rebalancing of energetic discord underlying any particular dis-ease within the body, whether minor or significant, conscious or otherwise. Accelerated physical recovery is promoted as the healthy energetic template for the body is vibrationally reinforced, and reoccurrence of symptoms reduced (assuming the root themes & reasons for the experience are also addressed).

As we move through an ascension of frequencies, so are our bodies constantly recalibrating on multiple levels to ‘match’ this accelerative energy. The process can result in some discomfort as resistance to this flow, conscious or otherwise, is purged up through our energetic, emotional, mental & physical systems. Receiving daily transmissions of healing frequencies can support this inner transformative process, easing the transition during this critical time of shift to higher vibrational states.

This offering is intended to be a unique and powerful permission slip supplement to your ascension, growth and development. It is not a crutch, and ultimately serves as a useful, but temporary, aid to facilitate a deeper connection to yourself where all is truly contained. If you feel a pull and are excited about what I offer however, this may be a sign that there is resonance from your being and that this work could profoundly assist you.

“I felt him channeling healing energies, that were very specific to my spiritual needs, all without me even saying a word to him beforehand… Minhaz possesses a gift of being able to channel these energies that know just what you need.”
Trista R, USA

Integration Support & vibrational reinforcement of energetic shifts introduced through plant medicine.

Work with Plant Teachers may introduce profound frequency shifts that may be challenging for the body & mind to integrate, particularly when re-exposed to environments, individuals, and energy fields that may no longer be in vibrational resonance. 

Through daily transmissions of higher frequency energy, you will be supported in nurturing the profound vibrational shifts and processes you may have experienced, are presently experiencing, and will continue to experience. This can serve as a powerful ally for integration as you unravel the deep mysteries & gifts of what you may have received.

My relationship with Earth Teachers allows me to channel specific Plant & Elemental energies that work in harmonious synergy with the frequency domain of Plant Medicine, allowing for a ‘smooth handoff’ from medicine work to the outer world when experienced together.

This service is designed to profoundly support your being as you transition back into the world, aiding in the releasing of that which no longer serves as you make space for a new you.

Dance, dance, dance together

Let’s play and be as children

Singing till the Sun is blue

Till our hair is no more

Still we love, enjoy and laugh

For we are children of the universe

Sons & daughters of infinity

We know no bounds

Is this for me?

This service works well in conjunction with a full Energy Healing Session, anchoring shifts within the body in an accelerated way, but also as a standalone service. Whether it is support with healing trauma, physical recovery, or ascension symptoms; these are areas that can be addressed and much more:

Deeper Trauma Release

Daily clearing and subsequent shifting of trauma patterns in the process of being healed & released.

Ascension Symptoms Support

Consistent smaller vibrational attunements to support deeper shifts & rebalancing of energy occuring in the body.

Plant Medicine Integration

Integration support & vibrational reinforcement of frequency shifts introduced through plant medicine.

Accelerated Physical Recovery

Restoring healthy energetic patterns with consistent smaller adjustments to promote optimal health.

Healing Practitioner Expansion

Daily exposure to higher frequency energy to support the body in accessing deeper functionality and hidden gifts.

Pregnancy Energy Support

Supportive nourishing energies designed to assist both mother and child during this highly intimate and vulnerable process.

“I have worked with different plant medicines and healing modalities over the years and found a single session with Minhaz to be absolutely enlightening – it struck right to the heart of my deeper issues.”
Sophie M, UK

This offering includes a powerful remote 15 minute energy transmission sent to you daily, 5 days a week, for 4 weeks. You may choose to receive this as part of a group container for general support, or dedicated personally to you for your specific needs.

(If you’re working with me for the first time, consider experiencing my core work first through an energy healing session)

1. Group Transmissions.

For general support in maintaining energetic vitality, health & inner wellbeing.

You will be a part of a small group that will receive a transmission of powerful balancing energies sent on a daily basis. The collective intention of the group serves to amplify this work.

Limited to 11 spaces per group.

Daily Energy Transmissions (Group Container) – Monthly

For general daily energy support. Intended as a powerful supplement to your self care routine in promoting deeper health, balance & vitality on multiple levels of your being.

Recommended for support with: Ascension symptoms, maintaining high energetic hygiene as you work hands on with clients in your practise, pregnancy support for you and your unborn child, integration support following a retreat, facilitating deeper inner emotional & mental balance, promoting general physical health & vitality, and more.

– Daily Energy Transmissions sent remotely to a small group container you will be a part of, 5 days per week for 4 weeks (Total 20 Transmissions).
– 20% off 1 Energy Balancing Session.

$160. Payable in full.

This offering is also available on a short term weekly basis, at an exchange of $50.

I only recommend booking this as additional support following an energy healing or balancing session, for short term energetic recovery, or to trial the service.

This service includes 5 personalised transmissions, sent daily, during a 1 week period.

2. Dedicated Transmissions.

Choose this if you have a specific theme you would like dedicated & personalised support for.

This offering is dedicated to supporting your specific personal themes & process. It is transmitted to you individually daily with personal integration support.

2 spaces available per week & month.

Daily Energy Transmissions (Personal Container) – Monthly

Receive personalised dedicated support in facilitating deep shifts & energetic activations related to your specific needs. This is intended to be a powerful aid and compliment to your healing work.

Recommended for support with:
Enhancing capacity to access higher frequencies for healing work, energetic processing following a Plant Medicine retreat or working, womb clearing for infertility, aiding in recovery from specific physical illness (e.g. Surgery, Cancer or strong dis-ease), work on specific emotional themes such as sexual trauma, and more.

– Discovery Session (30 min) via Zoom.
– Daily Energy Transmissions coded to support the specific themes you require, remotely sent solely and individually to you, 5 days per week for 4 weeks (Total 20 Transmissions).
– 1 Channeled Audio Transmission, provided upon protocol completion.
– Integration support via email.

$460. Payable in full.

This offering is also available on a short term weekly basis, at an exchange of $140.

I only recommend booking this as additional support for specific themes following an energy healing or balancing session, a single plant medicine ceremony, short term physical recovery from an illness, or one off personal energetic support during an important week (E.g. If you are leading a retreat, partaking in a wellness program, or giving birth).

This service includes 5 personalised transmissions, sent daily, during a 1 week period.

Still Unsure? Contact me or book a free Clarity Call now.

I honour your trust and deeply value the commitment of resources, financial and otherwise, you may make as you consider this journey with me. If you feel a pull, but require more clarity, send me a message, or if you prefer, schedule a call.

What next?

Additional offerings to support your process

Receiving Daily Energy Transmissions is a powerful way to support your body energetically. See my additional offerings designed to compliment your work with me:

Channeled Transmissions Library

Access my Youtube channel for additional Energy transmissions and channeled insights.

Collective Group Energy Healing Space

Join & co-create in a group collective as you bathe in deep vibrational healing space together.

Personalised Visual Energy Transmissions

Powerful visual transmissions custom channeled and encoded to your unique signature frequency.

Additional Information:

Common questions and additional details about my offerings.

Still unsure or have further questions? Send me a message, or if you prefer, schedule a free discovery call.

What can I expect during the transmissions service?

The day of your first transmission will start from the date selected when booking. If you signed up for dedicated transmissions, we will have a discovery session at the time selected to discuss your specific themes and intentions for this working, and we will agree upon a time to initiate the work.

On this day, I will move into a deep meditative state and connect to higher functional intelligence, bringing through a transmission of energies that is dedicated to you and the themes you have requested to be worked upon (if requested). If you selected the group service, it will be intended for the collective group container consisting of yourself and those who signed up for the same dates.

The timing for the transmissions each day are unfixed, inviting a natural flow of the energies and synchronicity as it presents itself. The approximate duration of each working is aimed at ~15 minutes, while ultimately surrendering to what needs to come through in that moment. This working will be performed 5 days a week, Monday to Sunday, typically between 9am – 9pm WITA.

The workings themselves are consolidated forms of remote healing work that I offer in my energy healing sessions. The intention behind this is to promote shorter, yet more consistent movement of energy to allow easier integration by the Body & Mind. The regular work also serves to continually reinforce the energetic processing taking place despite potential distrations in the outer world.

As the work takes place, and over the days and weeks proceeding, you may feel sensations, heightened states, emotions arising, and more. You may feel clearer, more relaxed, calm & energised. You may have insights, deeper levels of creativity, and a sensitivity that is palpable. In any case, while there are a number of external symptoms indicating deep inner vibrational movement taking place, know that none of this needs to be experienced or is necessary.

I ask you to invite a surrender of expectations, and to trust that you will receive exactly what you need. Your being will know how to assimilate the energy in the way that is perfect for your individual configuration and experience.

As part of this working, I may receive specific insights, messages, or information that wishes to be relayed to you, and if this is the case I will reach out directly. For dedicated transmissions, there will be an additional weekly check in via email (however you may reach out at any point during, if needed), and a personalised audio transmission sent upon completion to assist in onward integration.

Thank you for your trust in me and this work. I would be delighted to work with you should what I have to offer resonate.

What healing modality do you use?

The style in which I facilitate my work is distinctly unique and does not follow any learned methodology or technique that is taught.

While I have done by best to convey what I offer, words fall short in describing my specific and deeply personal process of connecting and sharing what comes through in these sacred multi-dimensional healing spaces. Attempts have been made to describe what this is, and will always fall short when translated through the vehicle of the physical mind and it’s limitations.

There are no labels or names, and is something that I can only share as an experience, should you feel called to work with me.

Can you heal me?

It is a misconception that we have the power to impose true healing on another, as that is only for each sovereign individual to give to themselves. Your energy is entirely your own and there is no one that can change or modify another person’s energy.

A choice is however offered by vibration, whether conscious or otherwise, through which a healing may occur; by aligning yourself to a frequency that is more in alignment with your original (authentic) nature. This process of alignment will automatically bring to the surface that which is no longer of resonance to you, facilitating the idea of healing as any distortions are processed.

I believe that you do not need to be fixed of anything and that all that is being experienced is entirely perfect in it’s very existence in your reality. There are no accidents in that sense, and there is a reason for all that is presented, with powerful wisdom and learning to be gleaned.

I work on that which most directly hinders you from moving forward in this moment, and to be your mirror in reflecting what you need. I am here to remind you of your inner truth, and to assist in reflecting to you the self-correction tools you have at your own innate disposal. To discover the reasons for your experience. and to no longer be victim to them.

These offerings are intended to be a unique and powerful permission slip to your inner growth and healing. It is not a crutch, and ultimately serves as a useful, but temporary, aid to facilitate a deeper connection to yourself where all is truly contained. If you feel a pull and are excited about what I offer however, this may be a sign that there is resonance from your being and that this work could profoundly assist you.

I want to offer the best possible service to you, and can only do so when you take full responsibility and ownership of your healing through the supporting inner work needed. If you are looking for a quick fix, without the acompanying personal work, than this is not for you.

If you feel a pull to work with me but aren’t sure if I can help, please book a discovery call and let’s talk.

May I meditate and be present during the transmissions?

Due to the nature of how I may schedule this work, which is always an orchestration of inner flow, synchronicity, and the energies in any particular moment, the times I perform these workings can be unpredictable, and will vary day by day.

It is not necessary to be present or awake as this work is conducted on a higher level outside of space and time, and may actually be more beneficial whilst one is not aware as there is less conscious resistance by the mind.

That said, I honour your desire and excitement to be present during the transmissions on any particular day as they take place in ‘real time’, which can be a beautiful meditative experience. If this is the case, please send me a message and I will do my best to advise and accomodate a specific time for the working that day.

Also consider partaking in my weekly group energy healing space.

Can I book this service for my child?

I welcome booking this service to support your child through their own personal development and process, which can be a powerful gift and aid in their journey if aligned.

In order to proceed, please send me a message first including their full name, current location, date of birth and summary for the reason of the work. I will require your permission, and this information will allow me to tune into their Higher Self for permission to do this work. I require permission by both, in order to proceed.

If all is aligned, I will invite you to a discovery session or to continue booking, depending on the service requested.

Do you offer custom packages?

I certainly do and am excited to work with you to create a custom transmission protocol specific for your needs. Please send me a message or book a discovery call and let’s discuss.

Can I gift this service to another?

Yes! It is beautiful opportunity to gift this service to another. I only ask that permission, a welcoming and foreknowledge for my work by the individual in question is recieved.

Please contact me directly to arrange this.

How do you accept payment?

I accept payment via PayPal & Revolut at this time. The payment information will be provided automatically in the emails sent by Calendly upon booking the service.

I ask that payment is made within 24 hours of booking in order to confirm your space for the transmission.

If there are any issues or if you require additional information regarding payment, please send me a message.

Do you offer discounts?

Our time, effort and commitment is valuable; I honour my time and the investment both you and I will make in this relationship, so that we can be of Service to each other in the most effective way possible. I align with the idea of fair energy exchange and deeply honour your trust, and financial commitment of resources in this work.

There has been much investment, education & experience that has resulted in what I am able to offer and this reflects the fee asked which I feel is fair in this moment. At the same time, I understand not everyone is able to afford what I am able to offer; if you feel strongly in resonance to working with me, but have present financial constraints, please contact me directly. I do have some limited spaces at various sliding scales each month.

Looking after our Energetic Health is as important as maintaining our basic needs, and so please consider this when making this investment in your Self.

Can I cancel or reschedule?

I understand that life can bring unexpected turns and that a change in plans is inevitable. I therefore am happy to allow for cancellation and rescheduling of bookings with me in a manner that respects our time and scheduling commitments.

My cancellation policy differs for group and dedicated transmissions, due to the differences in how they are performed, and how I commit my time for each service.

For group transmissions: If cancelling, I ask that you do so upto 24 hours before for a full refund. If less than 24 hours, this is reduced to 75%.

For dedicated transmissions: If cancelling, I ask that you do so upto 48 hours before for a full refund. If between 48-24 hours, this is reduced to 75%. If less than 24 hours remain, it will be reduced to 50%. 

This policy applies to both Monthly services. For the Weekly offerings, I allow cancellation upto 24 hours for a full refund, and 75% if less than 24 hours remain.

I reserve the right to offer flexibility with this policy for genuine exceptions (e.g. emergency situations) at my sole discretion.

I understand life happens so do get in touch if for any reason you feel you no longer wish to recieve this service at the time initially requested. I only desire to work with you when you feel 100% ready, available and commited.

In order to cancel or reschedule, refer to the links in the emails sent by Calendly when booking. For any questions or issues, please contact me.

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