Collective Group Energy Healing Space

Collective Group Energy Healing Space

Bathe in a powerful group healing space together amplified by the energy of the collective. Sessions held regularly live over Zoom.

Join & co-create with a group of individuals that receive Energy Healing live over a virtual group call.

During these spaces, held live over a Zoom video call, I will move into a heightened channeled state, emitting a frequency that invites a deepened connection to Source for those participating on the call. As this working occurs, a number of energetic activations and re-alignments may be experienced. Refer to my remote energy healing sessions page for more information.

This work is conducted over a 60 minute period and can serve as a beautiful introduction to the service that I offer at a more economical exchange basis, but also as a standalone working for supporting inner wellbeing. I offer both public and private group sessions, depending on your needs, as well as a free community healing space once a month.

 “He holds a very safe, loving space which allows you to easily open up and work on your deepest traumas and grief. Through his energy work I was able to release and integrate a lot of unprocessed emotions, and instantly felt MUCH lighter and open hearted thereafter.”
Catalina M, USA

Powerful vibrational transmissions amplified in a collective field.

Bathe in a powerful vibrational container as I transmit healing energies & frequencies uniquely encoded to you and your group. The collective intention and unification of each participant serves to amplify these energetic transmissions, allowing a deeper experience and invitation for your being to receive what is needed on multiple levels.

Each group is entirely unique in its specific energetic configuration, with no two group spaces ever being the same. The frequency offered, and energies experienced, are always shifting in a dynamic flow to what is present moment to moment within each collective.

As all participants Higher Minds come together in these sacred circles, so is multi-dimensional information, energy, and experience also shared between the group on multiple levels, enabling a truly unique vibrational container.

I welcome all backgrounds and experience levels, with a willingness to be open to this work without any expectation on a specific outcome. Come as you are, with the only action I invite being a relaxation and surrender to receive what you may need.

Private workings tailored to your specific groups need.

I offer private group workings with the energy & frequency offered specific to the themes chosen by your individual group (if requested). The type of groups that may find this offering to be of interest include: men & women circles, retreat leaders, retreat participants, work related groups, etc.

The benefits of group work are numerous, and include: promoting overall energetic harmony between each member, increasing group cohesiveness, focus, and alignment towards specific collective goals, facilitating deeper trance states for retreat participants, general rejuvenation and clearing for retreat facilitators, and much more.

This working is also intended to promote general relaxation for your employees that may be subject to high stress environments.

I offer public group sessions weekly, and private group sessions that can be scheduled anytime.

(Group sessions are limited to 11 participants and available to book 2 weeks in advance. Times alternate each week to accommodate both Europe and USA. Subscribe to my newsletter to be updated on availability).

1. Public Group Session.

Access to a public group energy healing session, held weekly.

You will be a part of a small group that will receive powerful energy healing live over a Zoom call.

Minimum of 2 participants required. See my participant policy for more information.

Public Group Session Access (Live)

Bathe in a powerful healing space amplified by the collective intention of a group, and receive is needed, This includes access to a public group energy healing session, held live over Zoom, and an exclusive discount to my 1-1 offerings.

– Access to a Single Public Group Healing Session (60 min), via Zoom
– 10% off Remote Energy Healing services (upto $30 – first time only)

$30. Payable in full.

2. Private Group Session.

A dedicated group container, with the working tailored to your groups specific needs.

You and your group will receive an exclusive transmission of powerful frequencies designed to support your collective process or goal.

Maximum of 11 participants (contact me directly if working with a larger group).

Private Group Session (Live)

Create a private and dedicated healing space for your group, where all participants may bathe in, and receive, powerful multi-dimensional healing energies and frequencies designed to support your groups collective process & goals.

– Single Private Group Healing Session (90 min), via Zoom
– Session Recording (if requested)
– 10% off Remote Energy Healing services (upto $30 – first time only)

$200. Payable in full.

I also offer a community group session once a month, completely free.

(If you’re on the fence about my work, I’d love for you to join us!)

3. Community Group Session.

Access to a free community group energy healing session, held monthly.

Join in a monthly group session that will receive powerful energy healing live over a Zoom call.

Access is completely free, however you may donate post session if you feel.

Community Group Session (Live)

Bathe in a powerful healing space amplified by the collective intention of a group, and receive is needed, This includes access to a community group energy healing session, held live over Zoom, and an exclusive discount to my 1-1 offerings upon completion.

– Access to a Single Community Group Healing Session (60 min), via Zoom
– $10 off Remote Energy Healing services (first time only)


Still Unsure? Contact me or book a free Clarity Call now.

I deeply value and honour your trust, investment of time, financial resources and otherwise, you may commit as you consider this journey with me. If you feel a pull, but require more clarity,  send me a message, or if you prefer, schedule a call.

What next?

Additional offerings to support your process

Partaking in Group Energy Healing is a powerful way to support you on your journey. See my additional offerings designed to compliment your work with me:

Remote Energy Healing Sessions

Release and let go what no longer serves, and be held in a powerful space as you delve within.

 Supportive Daily Energy Transmissions

Receive a daily transmission of powerful medicinal energies designed to support your unique process.

Channeled Transmissions Library

Access my Youtube channel for additional Energy transmissions and channeled insights.

Additional Information:

Common questions and additional details about my offerings.

Still unsure or have further questions? Send me a message, or if you prefer, schedule a free discovery call.

What can I expect during a group healing session?

A session is 60 minutes, with ~45 minutes intended for the working itself, surrendering to the natural flow of the energetic space, with remaining time dedicated to pre and post working conversation & connection. I will take some moments as we begin to introduce myself (for those that are new to my work), describe the session flow, as well as addressing any logistical questions or concerns you may have. This time also serves for your being to become more comfortable as we become acquainted energetically, prior to delving into deeper work.

(Note: Private group sessions are 90 minutes. I intend ~60 minutes for the working, with remaining time to discuss intentions, specific themes, and integration related items post working).

Once the working starts, I will invite you to relax while I connect with the Energies that need to come through. This may include a short guided meditation to place you into a more receptive space. Having a comfortable space set where you can be open and vulnerable is essential. This is your time to go within and allow what needs to arise to do so.

Each working is unique and automatically tailored to the individuals unique energetic configuration and themes being explored within the group. You may feel distinct physical sensations, unordinary thought processes, repressed emotions arising, and much more. I keep this vague so not to filter or implant ideas of your experience. I only ask that you expect the unexpected, to know that all is perfect, and that you are receiving exactly what you need (which may not necessarily be what you want!).

A session may leave you feeling somewhat tired and drained. We will use post-discussion time as an opportunity to integrate your experience, as well as noting any impressions I received during the working. I advise scheduling a period of rest and integration prior to continuing the rest of your day. 

What healing modality do you use?

The style in which I facilitate my sessions is distinctly unique and does not follow any learned methodology or technique that is taught.

While I have done by best to convey what I offer on my pages, words fall short in describing my specific and deeply personal process of connecting and sharing what comes through in these sacred multi-dimensional healing spaces. Attempts have been made to describe what this is, and will always fall short when translated through the vehicle of the physical mind and its limitations.

There are no labels or names, and is something that I can only share as an experience, should you feel called to work with me.

Can you heal me?

It is a misconception that we have the power to impose true healing on another, as that is only for each sovereign individual to give to themselves. Your energy is entirely your own and there is no one that can change or modify another person’s energy.

A choice is however offered by vibration, whether conscious or otherwise, through which a healing may occur; by aligning yourself to a frequency that is more in alignment with your original (authentic) nature. This process of alignment will automatically bring to the surface that which is no longer of resonance to you, facilitating the idea of healing as any distortions are processed.

I believe that you do not need to be fixed of anything and that all that is being experienced is entirely perfect in it’s very existence in your reality. There are no accidents in that sense, and there is a reason for all that is presented, with powerful wisdom and learning to be gleaned.

I work on that which most directly hinders you from moving forward in this moment, and to be your mirror in reflecting what you need. I am here to remind you of your inner truth, and to assist in reflecting to you the self-correction tools you have at your own innate disposal. To discover the reasons for your experience. and to no longer be victim to them.

These offerings are intended to be a unique and powerful permission slip to your inner growth and healing. It is not a crutch, and ultimately serves as a useful, but temporary, aid to facilitate a deeper connection to yourself where all is truly contained. If you feel a pull and are excited about what I offer however, this may be a sign that there is resonance from your being and that this work could profoundly assist you.

I want to offer the best possible service to you, and can only do so when you take full responsibility and ownership of your healing through the supporting inner work needed. If you are looking for a quick fix, without the acompanying personal work, than this is not for you.

If you feel a pull to work with me but aren’t sure if I can help, please book a discovery call and let’s talk.

Do you record these sessions?

No. Public and community group sessions are never recorded in order to maintain privacy. For private workings however I offer the option to record the session if desired.

Is there a minimum number of people required?

Yes, in order to maintain an effective group container I ask there to be a minimum number of individuals participating in each group session.

For all group healing sessions, the required minimum is currently 2 participants.

If the minimum number is not met 24 hours before the start date I may need to cancel the session. If this is the case I will advise via email, and you may reschedule for a later date or receive a full refund.

What times do you offer?

My working hours are 8-11am, and 4-7pm. The days I work are Saturday – Sunday, and Tuesday – Thursday. I am currently located in the South East Asia region, so times mentioned are on the WITA timezone.

While I have done my best to be as flexible as I can to accommodate timezones, I understand my current location can create scheduling constraints for those located in and around USA & Europe. Therefore, If you are unable to make any of the times listed but would like to work with me, please get in touch with your availability and I will do my best to accomodate your schedule.

Where are sessions held?

Live sessions are held via Zoom whereas Remote workings are performed entirely offline without face to face virtual interaction.

How do you accept payment?

I accept payment via PayPal & Revolut at this time. The payment information will be provided automatically in the emails sent by Calendly upon booking a session.

I ask that payment is made within 24 hours of booking in order to confirm your time.

If there are any issues or if you require additional information regarding payment, please send me a message.

Do you offer discounts?

Our time, effort and commitment is valuable; I honour my time and the investment both you and I will make in this relationship, so that we can be of Service to each other in the most effective way possible. I align with the idea of fair energy exchange and deeply honour your trust, and financial commitment of resources in this work.

There has been much investment, education & experience that has resulted in what I am able to offer and this reflects the fee asked which I feel is fair in this moment. At the same time, I understand not everyone is able to afford what I am able to offer; if you feel strongly in resonance to working with me, but have present financial constraints, please contact me directly. I do have some limited spaces at various sliding scales each month.

Looking after our Energetic Health is as important as maintaining our basic needs, and so please consider this when making this investment in your Self.

Can I cancel or reschedule?

I understand that life can bring unexpected turns and that a change in plans is inevitable. I therefore am happy to allow for cancellation and rescheduling of bookings with me in a manner that respects our time and scheduling commitments.

If cancelling a booking, I ask that you do so upto 48 hours before for a full refund. If between 48-24 hours, this is reduced to 75%. If less than 24 hours remain, it will be reduced to 50%. Non-attendance at confirmed bookings without any prior notice may result in no refund. I reserve the right to offer flexibility with this policy for genuine exceptions (e.g. emergency situations) at my sole discretion.

You may reschedule freely upto 48 hours prior to the time for group bookings in Calendly, however I understand life happens so do get in touch if for any reason you feel you are not able to make our time on the day. I only desire to work with you when you are 100% available and commited for our time together.

In order to cancel or reschedule, refer to the links in the emails sent by Calendly when booking.

Please note: If a minimum number of 2 participants is not met 24 hours before the start date of a group session I may need to cancel the working. If this is the case I will advise via email, and you may reschedule for a later date or receive a full refund.

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