Channeled Visual Transmissions

Channeled Visual Transmissions

Receive powerful vibrational transmissions in both visual and audio format, custom channeled and encoded to your unique signature frequency.

High Vibrational Art to Accompany Your Journey to Higher Frequencies.

Gaze into and meditate upon the image that will be channelled for you and receive multi-dimensional communication on many levels. This includes a variety of activations, upgrades, insights, re-alignments, healing & re-balancing, access to parallel timelines, and much more.

During the creation of your transmission, I will shift my creative focus to a higher state and be guided to automatically paint and design a specific image that will serve as your unique vibrational portal. The accompanying channeled audio transmission will serve to compliment and enhance the energy that is received.

This transmission will be forever yours and available to focus upon at any point to recieve what is needed.

Your painting will be channeled through a process that is designed to tap into the essence of your being; it is symbolic and carries a resonant frequency that when viewed will train your brain to lock into it’s specific vibration.

Past Transmissions

Some featured samples of my Art. For more of my work see the gallery.

Print & Hang Your Transmission to Introduce a Portal of Higher Frequency Energy to Your Being.

These transmissions are high quality designed vector format images that scale to very large resolutions without sacrificing quality, making it suitable for printing, hanging, and use on various personal media or surfaces.

During the process of channeling your transmission, specific energetic cues will be coded through use of colour, shape and symbol. This enables a sort of physical anchoring of non-physical dimensional information & energy that may radiate throughout the 3D space it is placed within.

As the final image begins to take hold in this reality, I will perform an ‘energy initiation’ of sorts, crystallising the image with a type of energetic connection to your Multi-Dimensional Inner being. This allows the image to serve as an intelligent mirror, and potent vehicle of communication to your personal Higher Self or Soul.

“His gifts have helped me move energy and more deeply connect with my own gifts. The fruits of his channeling have spanned the practical to the otherworldly, the physical to the ethereal, all the while informed by a deep commitment to authenticity and care.”
Jeff G, USA

Request a Uniquely Channeled Multi-Dimensional Custom Design For Your Project.

It is my excitement to collaborate with you in channeling a custom design for your unique project or offering. This may include business branding, book or album cover design, marketing materials, physical merchandise, and much more.

During this collaboration, we will work together as I tune into Spirit and channel a design that is energetically resonant to your project. It is uniquely keyed to your offering on a dimensional level other designs may not consider, often amplifying your projects own energetic scope, reach, and potential to it’s intended audience.

Image shown: Custom book cover commision for Dante Starshine’s book ‘Living Love on Earth’

I journey into the worlds beyond the Seen

Learning, recieving, playing, & laughing with the divine

The divine within me and seemingly without

Being with myself and all it’s delightful shadows

Seeing the bright lights that form those very dark spaces

Through which I discover the depths of myself

Transforming the dark through the dance of light

You may request a channeled visual transmission through my standard offering. I am also open to custom collaborations for your unique project or service.

1. Standard Visual Transmission.

A powerful and unique visual transmission channeled specifically for your being.

This service includes an audio transmission that is designed to accompany the image and assist you in tuning into it’s frequency more deeply.

Intended for personal & private use only. Refer to the FAQ for additional information.

Typical process time 4-6 weeks.

Channeled Visual Transmission (Includes Audio)

A powerful visual transmission encoded to your unique frequency and energetic chemistry. This includes the final image in high resolution and standard A3 format, and audio file featuring channeled vibrational tone & sound to compliment & enhance your absorption of the transmission. For personal use only.

(See also: Channeled Audio Transmission)

– Discovery Session (30 min) via Zoom
– 1 Visual Transmission in High Resolution JPG, PNG & PDF
– 1 accompanying Audio Transmission

$350. Payable in full.

2. Custom / Bespoke Design.

Choose this to collaborate with me in channeling a unique design for your project.

This is a bespoke offering with the exchange & process time subject to a discovery session to understand your specific needs.

Bespoke Channeled Design (Discovery Session)

A custom service whereby we will be in an collaboration to co-create a truly unique multi-dimensional design energetically coded for your project or offering. The final deliverable can span numerous formats and may be utilised in public and commercial endeavours, subject to agreement.

To begin book an initial Discovery Session below, where we will discuss the nature of your project, request, and how I may potentially be of service to you. Please use the form on the booking page to share additional context regarding the nature of your desired collaboration, and any pertinent details or links to resources you feel is valuable for me to review prior.

– Discovery Session (30 min) via Zoom
– Deliverables to be agreed upon post discovery.


Still Unsure? Contact me or book a free Clarity Call now.

I deeply value and honour your trust, investment of time, financial resources and otherwise, you may commit as you consider this journey with me. If you feel a pull, but require more clarity,  send me a message, or if you prefer, schedule a call.

What next?

Additional offerings to support your process

Receiving personalised Visual Transmissions is a powerful way to support your being energetically. See my additional offerings designed to compliment your work with me:

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Join & co-create in a group collective as you bathe in deep vibrational healing space together.

Remote Energy Healing Sessions

Release and let go what no longer serves, and be held in a powerful space as you delve within.

Additional Information:

Common questions and additional details about my offerings.

Still unsure or have further questions? Send me a message, or if you prefer, schedule a free discovery call.

What can I expect from this visual transmissions service?

Your painting is channeled through a specific process that is designed to tap into the essence of your being; it is symbolic and carries a signature frequency that when viewed will train your brain to lock into it’s specific vibration.

It is also in many ways a portal to a specific type of energy that is unique to your energetic configuration, bringing through a variety of activations, upgrades, and alignments. This may result in certain balancing / healing processes being initiated over the coming days and weeks. The accompanying sound file carries the audio that when listened will compliment and enhance the energy that is received from this type of image.

How do I use the transmission?

There will be a general integration protocol that will be provided upon delivery of the transmission for your use via email, however I always invite following your intuition and inner sense first and foremost. You will know and feel called to the time and place that is appropriate for you, and in the manner in which you need to work with this image.

If you do not receive this information or have additional questions abvout utilising the transmission, or anything else, please do let me know.

Can I request a particular format or resolution?

The standard format of the visual transmissions will be in A3, provided at a resolution of 2526px × 3572px in the RGB colourspace. The image will be delivered in JPG, PNG & PDF formats. While this should be sufficient for most applications I do certainly accept custom requests.

If you are requiring a specific dimension other than the standard print document sizes (e.g. A3/A4), such as square, please advise no later than during our discovery session.

If you are requiring a specific resolution upon receipt of the transmission, please do so no later than 1 month following the original delivery. As I work in Vector format, I am able to offer flexibility to scaling up / down the final image resolution without loss of quality.

If you are unsure on your needs and would like to discuss for additional clarity, please let me know.

Can I share my visual transmission publicly?

(This information applies to the Standard Visual Transmission offering).

The content of the transmissions, whether it is the final or any draft images, audio, additional details and otherwise, are intended to be for your private & personal use only. You may however share with friends & family in person, or print & hang the final agreed image for display in your home and personal office. This may include a private location where your practise with 1-1 or small group clients takes place.

(Please note: If you intend to place this in a public space where groups typically include more than 5 people, this then becomes a commission offering, I would therefore ask that you refer to the Bespoke Channeled Design service).

You may also share the image in a single post on social media as a review or testimonial. Please provide a link to or @ayamahu.spirit if you wish to do this.

However, I ask that you not distribute or include contents of transmissions, on content sharing platforms, social media, or otherwise, outside of terms shared above. Please do not include the entirety, or any portion, of the visual or audio transmission in the distribution of content in public offerings (such as music, video, clothing or products), whether commercial or otherwise.

I offer flexibility to this policy for invitations that are aligned, specifically if you have a particular media or format you would like to use the transmission for personal & private use. If you do feel a desire and pull to utilise in a specific manner other than the above, please reach out for permission and I will consider your request. 

I am open to collaborations for your public and/or commercial project. If you are wanting to include my work in a commercial product, a public space, as business marketing materials, or public project offering, please book a discovery session for a Bespoke channeled design, or send me a message with details of your proposal. I would be excited to consider your proposal!

I deeply appreciate your trust and respect in advance for the terms I feel are aligned for me and the work that I offer.

Can I request a transmission as a gift for another?

Yes! I consider this a deeply beautiful, personal and a truly unique gift to give to another.

Please contact me directly to arrange this.

How long will it take to receive the final image?

For my standard visual transmissions service, I aim to complete your request and deliver the final image in 4-6 weeks. Any requests for alterations to the format of the final image (Such as file type & resolution) I aim to honour within 72 hours of the request.

For my bespoke channeled offering, terms of delivery are to be agreed post discovery.

How do you accept payment?

I accept payment via PayPal & Revolut at this time. The payment information will be provided automatically in the emails sent by Calendly upon booking the service.

I ask that payment is made within 24 hours of booking in order to confirm your work for the standard visual transmission.

For the custom service, payment terms will be agreed following discovery.

If there are any issues or if you require additional information regarding payment, please send me a message.

Do you offer discounts?

Our time, effort and commitment is valuable; I honour my time and the investment both you and I will make in this relationship, so that we can be of Service to each other in the most effective way possible. I align with the idea of fair energy exchange and deeply honour your trust, and financial commitment of resources in this work.

There has been much investment, education & experience that has resulted in what I am able to offer and this reflects the fee asked which I feel is fair in this moment. At the same time, I understand not everyone is able to afford what I am able to offer; if you feel strongly in resonance to working with me, but have present financial constraints, please contact me directly. I do have some limited spaces at various sliding scales each month.

I changed my mind. Can I cancel my transmission?

I understand that life can bring unexpected turns and that a change in plans is inevitable. I therefore am happy to allow for cancellation and rescheduling of bookings with me in a manner that respects our time and scheduling commitments.

If cancelling your transmission, I ask that you do so prior to our discovery session for a full refund.

If cancelling following our discovery session and I have not begun work on your transmission, the refund will be reduced to 90%.

If cancelling after work has begun on your transmission, you may or may not be eligible for a refund. If you are, the amount will depend on how much time and work has been completed already.

I reserve the right to offer flexibility with this policy for genuine exceptions (e.g. emergency situations) at my sole discretion.

In order to cancel or reschedule, please contact me directly.

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