Stepping out of the Cave

Stepping out of the Cave

Beginning a new journey beyond the Metaphysical Cave.

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Ayamahu is a name with vibrational significance. It is a label which I utilise in another reality, and arose out of the stillness during a deep meditation. It speaks to the ancient gentle warrior within that chose to navigate the world of the Dream. 

A name tells many stories. It is both meaningless and meaningful within certain contexts, and yet is integral to life within this reality. I choose to keep mine anonymous for now, though it’s likely you know me already if you are reading this.

How can one convey themselves though words on a screen that serves justice to the path that is being walked? There are so many dimensions to ones life, and this is compounded when filtered through the innate biases and unique perceptions of the reader. I can only hope to connect with you on a level beyond superficial meaning, upon a plane that touches upon the Oneness of which we are all a part.

This site is a culmination of my own life’s story, perspectives on various Metaphysical & Spiritual ideas, messages from alternate planes of reality, authentic artistic expression, and a hub to present the journey within and without. I also make available my own gifts from Spirit in the form of various channeling modalities, some of which I am called to share

”I love you.”

Such a simple, but powerful statement. And yet one that leaves the Self vulnerable. It is however in that vulnerability that space can be made to allow for true expression beyond the conditioning and programming that is fervent within our society. In order to utter those words it is first necessary to truly love the Self, an evolving idea as one strives to connect to that which is within. 

I suppose this isn’t a traditional introductory post, and in many respects this is the intention. I wish to extend an invitation to connect with you on a heart level, in a realm beyond words, and for us to co-create a reality that is truly fulfilling and our birthright. I came here to explore, love, and play, and I reach my hand out to you in an open invitation so that we may explore together. 

The outer world is a reflection of ones own inner world; a simple truth we chose to forget as we symbolically donned the clothes of physicality. Re-remembering what we forgot is an endeavour that I am fiercely passionate about, and one that I document as I navigate this dream of life. I am ever only at the crest of the shore of my eternal being, marvelling at the majesty of just how powerful and unlimited we all are.  

I am one of infinite probable Selves, each experiencing it’s existence in it’s own way. What do those other eyes see, I wonder, and what did I choose to forget?

My Journey

Social conventions dictate I write a little about myself, an expectation I am happy to oblige. 

I came into this life choosing a background of a male individual residing in the UK. My ethnicity is Indian, and my family are of strong Muslim affiliation (more on that later). I spent a number of years working in the Software Industry, a space which I enjoy, but is no longer a primary focus as I move more towards exploring Spiritual technologies. 

As with many of us, my background was specifically chosen to provide a framework from which I could explore certain core themes and ideas within this life. Religion was one such idea, and in my late teens a deep seated desire to truly know came to the forefront of my consciousness. An unshakeable feeling that there must be more to reality than the stories I was told was catalytic to my early years in seeking. 

From exploring the deeper symbolic meanings behind the Abrahamic framework to the more esoteric; it was a number of years before I gave myself permission to no longer identify with the programming and limiting ideas that traditional religion provided. It was then a question of taking responsibility in seeking my own truth, instead of adopting the truths of others. It was a challenging time, spanning a number of years, yet one that was a springboard for my seeking in later years.

As I gave myself the freedom to explore other systems of belief, so did I find a common thread that unified those frameworks. These threads led towards a deeper Spiritual truth that hinted at a unity between all things and the infinitely creative, eternal nature of the Self. This is a journey in it’s own right however, and one that I intend to write about in due course.

As I questioned my reality so did I naturally explore Conspiracy theories and the so-called ‘Matrix’ of reality.  While there is value in understanding the mechanics underpinning society for the purposes of empowerment, I realised this was another distraction. I needed to take responsibility for dictating my own reality, and not seek stories to justify allowing others to seemingly do so. 

There is a lot of New Age candy out there for entertainment; some of which I explored and included ’Channeling’, ‘Chakra Cleansing’, ‘Astral Projection’, ‘Past lives’, ‘The Law of Attraction’, and much more. While these ideas are certainly valid and begin to acknowledge deeper truths, it was also a convenient vehicle to become distracted within under the guise of authentic seeking. When the Conscious mind once more was able to acknowledge this humbling truth from the source within, so could the deeper self-work truly begin.

As I peeled back the layers of mental clothes that shrouded the Self, so did I realise a door was opened that could never be closed again. Realising my assumptions about reality were simply beliefs that could be changed, led me on a path of deeper psychological analysis, shadow work, and the unravelling of all the beautiful shit that I had accrued over my lifetime(s). While this is ongoing work, it is no longer a current forefront, as enough of a clear inner foundation (or grounding) was now present to enable the next phase in my journey.

The tide of my inner being moved me to explore more ‘out there’ metaphysical concepts, such as channeling, energy healing modalities, and expanding innate psychic functionality. As I now reflect, it was more a ‘dabbling’, or a ‘tasting’ if you would prefer; for while I would make much headway within these areas in recent years, the seed was just being planted then. While the prospect of fleshing out these ideas experientially was exciting, It would take honest authentic work before those fruits could be fully realised.

There were resources and materials that guided me along the way, much of which still continues to do so to this very day. Channellers such as Carla Reuckert for the Ra Material, Jane Roberts for the Seth Material, and Darryl Anka for Bashar, were only a subset of individuals that brought forth higher dimensional information that proved genuinely useful. While channeled concepts still continue to assist and inspire, I find I am being moved to access the source within more and more. A natural transition, some would say, as one discovers all that they truly need is within. 

Influential Channellers. Left to Right. Carla Reuckert (Ra), Darryl Anka (Bashar), Jane Roberts (Seth).

The final chapter of the story as it is currently written introduces Plant Medicines. Entheogens were not something I had considered, nor was I particularly inclined towards, and yet there was a familiar tug on an inner chord that drew me in. The idea of consciousness exploration via ‘mind altering’ substances was something that I certainly had reservations with, something my Muslim heritage had a hand in to say the least. My understanding of belief structures and conditioned biases however allowed me to revisit this idea from a more neutral place.

Ayahuasca came into my life nearly 6 years ago now, and it was not a quick introduction by any means. It took me almost a year before the call to commune with Madre took any serious hold within the forefront of my consciousness, and then almost another year before I found myself in Peru to work with the Medicine. Having my ideas of reality blown apart may seem an exaggeration, except in this case it was anything but. 

Summarising my experiences is a journey in itself and for another time, yet needless to say my world has shifted in ways that I am only now beginning to truly fathom. There were other Spiritual Tools that made themselves available, though none (besides DMT perhaps) were as influential as Ayahuasca. It should be said that there is always a potential of distraction and Spiritual bypassing when working with these teachers, though this can be navigated by employing a good healthy dose of discernment and self honesty.

One chapter in this journey that deserves more than a footnote is my Channeling abilities that developed during this period. My work with Ayahuasca and Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) allowed me to entrain to certain frequencies that I am now able to tap into (or synchronise with) on command. Within this state I allow certain energies to move my body in ways that is independent from the normal control of the waking ego. It is a very physical type of Channeling, akin to having a temporary walk-in inhabit the body, and in this state significant energetic changes can be made within another in a beneficial manner. 

The style in which I channel is unique and one that I’ve not seen anywhere else. Over time I have been able to leverage these states in an increasingly effective manner, and am now offering personal sessions for those who feel called. There’s so much more I can write on this subject, as it has shaped who I am and the path I now walk, but that’s for another time. Suffice to say, it’s a wonderful gift to share, and truly magnitudes greater than what I thought I was capable of!

My work with Ayahuasca catalysed my desire to adopt a more Shamanic path, something which is more in alignment with my inner being, and one that I found incredibly exciting. This inner pull was in contrast to my life in the Software industry, one that I enjoyed for a number of years, but now it was time for a new chapter.

This takes the journey full circle into present day. I left my home in the UK earlier this year to volunteer at Nimea Kaya, the very same Ayahuasca retreat center that had so profoundly changed the course of my life years earlier. It was perfect timing then, as the world would go into lockdown only weeks later with the Coronavirus pandemic, and the location from which I find myself writing this message.

Overlooking my current home at Nimea Kaya, located in the Peruvian Amazon.

Intuitive synchronous timing is the idea-paradigm by which I am now learning to orientate myself around. To not place expectations or assumptions on the outcome of a certain event, but to follow the thread of my inner excitement with fervent passion, and to know that I will be guided to the probable reality that is most in alignment in the appropriate timing. We are truly unlimited as a species, and there is so much power within each and every single one of us, yet we have been taught otherwise. 

Ayamahu is a space from which I share my journey. I invite you to join me in unlearning what has been learned. To let go of the fear that holds us back from our true potential. To take responsibility for creating our reality in the grand game that is life. 

See you around :).

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