Energy Healing Session

Energy Healing Session

Maintaining Energetic Health is vitally important to our well-being. Book an Energy Healing session now and experience the power of this Sacred Dance to Wholeness together.

Your health and vitality is important. Society places much emphasis on Physical Health, however our Energetic Health is often neglected. We are beings ultimately made of Energy, and so it is important the Non-Physical aspects of ourselves are healthy, nourished, and maintained on a regular basis. Our Physical, Mental and Emotional issues often have an Energetic component that is unresolved and needs to be addressed first, before any true resolution can occur. In my practise I have found powerful ways of accelerating this Process, and am here to assist you on your journey in doing so.

“I am writing to highly recommend receiving healing with Minhaz. Do it! His healing sessions are the most unique, powerful, and beautiful healings I have ever experienced. There is nothing to compare these sessions to on our planet. I am a body and energy work practitioner and can have high expectations when receiving healing. What I received is not possible to put into words. It must be experienced.” – Melissa Kestle, Pennsylvania, USA

I currently offer both remote and in-person sessions. See booking a session for more information.

About the Service

What I offer is a facilitation of energy, or a vibration, that allows you to heal yourself. This involves a letting go of Energetic Distortions associated with any particular issue (theme), on multiple levels within the totality of your Being. I do not consciously direct the nature of the healing, nor do I ask for specifics you would like to address. Rather, I allow innate higher functional intelligence to provide diagnostics and guide the working.

It is a misconception that we have the power to impose true healing on another, as that is only for each sovereign individual to give to themselves. A choice is however offered, whether conscious or otherwise, through which a healing may occur; by aligning yourself to a frequency that is more in alignment with your original (authentic) nature. 

This is ongoing work for each individual, as there are accrued distortions on many levels which we navigate through (whether it be Physical, Emotional, Mental or Energetic). I work on that which most directly hinders you from moving forward in this moment. I am not here to ‘fix’ anyone or anything, but to assist in reflecting to you the self-correction tools you have at your own innate disposal.

I work with the greater aspect of my Self, though also engage with a number of non-physical entities, as well as other extra-dimensional energies & consciousnesses of various levels automatically. This is in addition to a blending of our Higher Minds and Metaphysical fields to co-create a space in which Healing can occur. My allies are the Crystals, Rattles, and my Voice; the style in which I facilitate my sessions is distinctly unique and does not follow any learned methodology or technique that is taught.

I want to offer the best possible service to you, and can only do so when you take full responsibility and ownership of your healing through the supporting inner work needed. If you are looking for a quick fix, without the acknowledgment of integration work, than this is not for you.

What to Expect

A session typically lasts 1.5 hours, with 45 minutes for the working itself, and 30 minutes before & after for feedback and discussion. We will use pre-discussion time as an introduction, how the session will work, as well as addressing any questions or concerns you may have. This will also include a short guided meditation to bring you into a more open and receptive space for the working itself.

Once the working starts, I will have you lay down while I connect with the Energies that need to come through. Having a comfortable space set where you can be open and vulnerable is essential. This is your time to go within and allow what needs to arise to do so.

Each working is unique and automatically tailored to the individuals unique energetic configuration and themes being explored. You may feel distinct physical sensations, unordinary thought processes, repressed emotions arising, and much more. I keep this vague so not to filter or implant ideas of your experience. I only ask that you expect the unexpected, to know that all is perfect, and that you are receiving exactly what you need (which may not necessarily be what you want!).

A session may leave you feeling somewhat tired and drained. We will use post-discussion time as an opportunity to integrate your experience, as well as noting any impressions I received during the working. I advise scheduling a period of rest and integration prior to continuing the rest of your day. 


Workings are available both in-person and remote

Remote sessions are conducted over Zoom, in the comfort of your own home. In-person sessions are currently based 10 minutes outside of Pisac, located in the Sacred Valley, Peru.

Payment / Exchange

I honour the idea of fair energy exchange, and ask for an investment of $111 / £88 per session. Our time, effort and commitment is valuable; I honour my time and the investment both you and I will make in this relationship, so that we can be of Service to each other in the most effective way possible. Looking after our Energetic Health is as important as maintaining our basic needs, and so please consider this when making this investment in your Self.

I accept payment via PayPal at this time. The payment address will be provided when booking a session.

Booking a Session

Contact me via this page to let me know you are interested in a session, or email me at Please remember to include a valid email address, if using the contact page, and the session type (in-person or remote).

I will aim to acknowledge your request within 48 hours, and advise on scheduling. Generally speaking, I work most days between 11AM – 3PM PET (UTC-5). Should you have a specific preference on availability, please advise and I will do my best to accommodate.

I ask for payment to be made at least 24 hours prior to the session date.

Thank you for reading what I have to offer. If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch!

“Health is a natural state of your being. Through your physical image the energy of the universe expresses itself.”

Seth, the Early Sessions: Book 9

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